Odile Nicholette, MA, LMFT


The Waters,
2900 Bristol Street,
Suite E-203
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Odile Nicolette, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #89084

“… and then the knowledge came to me, that I have space within me for a second, timeless, larger life.”  ~ Rainer Maria Rilke 

As a licensed psychotherapist practicing in Costa Mesa, CA. I work with men and women of all ages and cultures experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, loss, grief, anger, and/or the effects of trauma. I’m committed to assisting you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and others, improving your relationship with yourself and the people you live and work with, and moving forward into a fulfilling life. 

I specialize in working with women navigating the challenges of mid-life and beyond, such as: an unexpected divorce or separation, a crisis of identity in work or career, the traumatic loss of a friend or partner, empty nest or empty marriage, the onset of chronic illness, the struggles of being a single mother or caring for elderly parents…and so on.  Whether you’re feeling lost, lonely or confused; blocked by internal fears or unknown obstacles; or experiencing difficulties with your family, in love, or at work, I’ll assist you in working through your troubles in a way that leaves you feeling more connected to yourself, the people you care about, and/or your community.  As you become more true to yourself, identifying what matters most to you now, life will feel more manageable. You will feel more vital and alive. 

TENDING THE SOUL. Psychotherapy’s truest meaning is to tend to the soul. With that in mind, I’ll elicit the wisdom of your inner healer in knowing what is right for your growth and healing. We’ll explore the underlying forces shaping your life in re-creating your path with renewed meaning and purpose. Developing a strengthened sense of Self, you’ll be more able to respond to the deeper yearnings of your heart and soul, allowing for a fuller sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.  I have a warm nurturing style and use an integrative relational approach that includes humanistic, psychodynamic and mindfulness perspectives.